About Us


We are also a "Trader" like you in Stock-Market...!!


We started our journey in 2009 in Stock-Market. In earlier days we use to learn ourself the functionalities and behavior of few leading stocks in Stock-Market.

The later stage in 2010 we started serving traders and investors to give the right advise about the investment plan at right time. Coming to 2011 we started serving few brokerage houses and few fund managers for their investment plans and started research and advisory service. Just an year onwards we started working ourself on developing our own unique charting strategies which every traders are looking out in stock-market for there trading and investments in financial market. 


At Present time our main focus is writing programs and strategies based on our clients research templates running on AmiBroker, Metatrader4 or any other charting software and make it compatible to Automate in their trading accounts on Real money after testing on Demo mode and providing consultacy for Algo / Robo / Quant Trading in Indian Markets.


We are happy to help you in all the way until you reach your GOAL... which shows what we are.